Assistive Touch for Android

App Description

The Assistive Touch app for Android devices provides a floating panel on the screen with quick access to favorite apps, games, settings and toggle options. It also includes advanced functions such as capture screenshot, screen recorder (for Lollipop), power popup and dark mode. Additionally, it can protect physical buttons like home button and volume button while allowing easy touch navigation through virtual buttons.

Assistive Touch for Android

  • Virtual Home button, easy touch to lock screen and open recent task
  • Virtual Volume button, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
  • Virtual Back button
  • Easy touch to open your favorite application
  • Go to all setting very quick with a touch

Features of the App

  1. Floating Menu/Touchpad: The app may provide a customizable, floating menu that contains shortcuts to essential functions such as Home, Back, Recent Apps, Notifications, and Quick Settings.
  2. Gesture Controls: Some apps offer gesture-based controls to perform actions like swiping, pinching, or tapping, providing an alternative to traditional touch interactions.
  3. Screen Recording: Certain apps may include a screen recording feature to capture on-screen activities.
  4. Volume and Brightness Controls: Quick access to volume and brightness controls directly from the floating menu.
  5. Virtual Navigation Buttons: The ability to add virtual navigation buttons on the screen for easier device navigation.
  6. Screenshot Capture: A feature allowing users to take screenshots easily.
  7. Lock Screen and Power Controls: Quick access to power options, including screen lock and device restart.
  8. Customization Options: Users can often customize the appearance and functionality of the Assistive Touch menu to suit their preferences.
  9. One-Handed Mode: A mode that optimizes the user interface for one-handed use, making it easier to reach all parts of the screen.
  10. Accessibility Features: Some apps may include additional accessibility features, such as magnification gestures or text-to-speech functionality.

This application features a floating button on the screen of the device which is displayed over the other apps and which allows fast access using a quick menu to different functions in the operating system. Thanks to this we will be able to save time when launching a specific task or access a specific application.

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