Blogging And WordPress Related Question Answered

Can I freely use copyrighted pictures in my unmonetized WordPress blog?

Yes, you can use copyright pictures, there will be an issue in monetize. That’s why it is quail that you should not copyright pictures and content. If you want to do a picture of it, then there are many websites which provide pictures for free.

Like :

How can any reader access to my blogs posted on my WordPress site?

Very easy. You go to the post section in WordPress, create a post, publish it. Your posts will be accessible to all users

My website traffic decreased after I migrate from Blogger to WordPress?

There will be little difference in your traffic if you are moving from blogger to WordPress. If your users are regular then it will not make any difference. This change will be for a short time, just then your traffic will be smooth.

Where and how should I promote my WordPress blog without posting anything on Facebook?

There are many platforms to promote, he can promote his blog like Google Search Console, Google Question Hub, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp.. If you want to know more about this then you must read this.

How to get Traffic

If I transfer from Blogger to WordPress, does AdSense get disapprove?

No it’s nothing like that your AdSense will not disapprove.Even if this happens by mistake then you can take Reproval. Gets approved back easily.

Write the steps to create a blog on going digital save environment using any blog website like WordPress etc.

you have to check it out we explain in details

How to start writing a blog

How do I rank my free WordPress blog on Google from smartphone?

Getting traffic from Google is not easy. If your content is unique and users are impressed, then Google will give you a lot of traffic. So this is what you have to do, write yourself, write well, even if you write only one post in a week, write well.

HTML is better or WordPress for blogging?

Both are good at their place. It depends on your content what you want to write and show. If your content is related to words only then HTML and PHP is good. if HTML you need user comments like share all you need then you will get backend and it takes a lot of hard work. So WordPress is batter for blogging. You have lot’s of option in WordPress so use WordPress.