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Indian YouTuber Firoz Chuttipara is based in Kerala, India. He is primarily known for the Village Food Channel YouTube channel. Firoz Chuttipara is well-known for creating YouTube videos about food. In his tucked-up lungi, Firoz, a native of Palakkad from Chuttippara near Kalleppully, had entered the realm of YouTube Cookery, where designer kitchens and microwaves predominated.

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IncomeRs 7 lakh per month
Contact Number
Net WorthRs 7 lakh per month

His cooking show, which he hosted while standing in the middle of a rice field and spoke in his lovely Palakkad dialect, quickly gained popularity online. Hundreds of “Likes” started to pour in. On social media, Firoz Chuttippara gained a lot of popularity quickly. Giving a tonne of food prepared for the presentation to orphans as part of his charitable endeavour was also a big success. In his videos, Firoz also emphasises the Palakkad region’s unspoiled beauty.

Youtuber Firoz Chuttipara’s YouTube Channel, Location, Indonesia, Wife, Net Worth

YouTube ChannelVillage Cooking Channel

When Firoz Chuttipara started working in an Asian nation, he had no idea he would find his talent for cooking. He was forced to learn how to cook as an immigrant in order to break the monotony of ordinary building meals. After trying every dish his mother’s wedding served, Firoz developed an interest in cooking. But he never thought that he may transform his hobby into a career after he got back to his house.

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Educational Qualification
Native PlacePalakkad

Firoz Chuttipara World Health Organization runs the Village Food Channel on YouTube and is a superb chef and server. He puts a lot of work into his food, which is evident in every one of his movies. He had the chance to win the prize for the most straightforward YouTuber in 2019 because to his sincere and unforced video presentation. Firoz’s forte is not in the kitchen; rather, his extraordinary ability to provide for the hungry makes his deeds heavenly.

Youtuber Firoz Chuttipara’s Village Cooking Channel, House, Palakkad, New Videos, Food Channel, Family Photos, Ikka
Phone Number
SalaryRs 7 lakh per month
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