Boost Work Efficiency and Safety with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Smart Glasses

Do you want to enhance the efficiency of your job, its security, or its quality? If so, consider Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Smart Glass, a smart device that lets you access information and tools without hassle. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a product from Google’s Glass team which was shifted from the moonshot production facility to Google in the year 2019. In this article, we’ll discuss the functions of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 which includes how it functions and what it can do and how it compares with other smart glasses.

What is Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is smart glasses that look like regular glasses, but feature an LCD, camera, and a touchpad right on top. It also comes with speakers and microphones to use Google Assistant. Google Assistant personal assistant. It is light and comfortable to wear, and also water and dust-proof. It comes in two different versions, which include a frameless version and one that has safety frames designed by Smith Optics.

How do I use the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 function?

Google Glass connects to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and then makes use of the Glass Enterprise app to access many features and services. Google Assistant is a technology that allows you to use Google Assistant to conduct things such as making calls, sending messages, getting directions, looking up the weather, and managing your devices via smartphones. Displays information in front of you and the camera can take photos and videos. You can open the options by dragging your fingers over the touchscreen. The power button lets you to turn off and on Google Assistant or mute the microphones.

What exactly is Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 do?

Google Glass can help you improve your work in a variety of ways. One of them is:

You can access manuals, checklists or instructions, as well as checklists without using your hands or keep your eyes at your desk.

Live stream video, or send videos or images to your experts or colleagues to get advice or feedback.

Data or inventory details can be found by scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Utilize apps for augmented reality to overlay digital information onto the physical world.

Learn new employees or master new skills by engaging in interactive lessons or through simulations.


The advantages of using Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 are:

Efficiency The ability to save time and reduce errors by having access to information and tools faster and using less effort.

Quality: You can increase the efficiency of your work by observing the instructions or getting feedback more accurately and consistently.

Safety: You can lessen the danger of accidents and injuries by keeping your hands and eyes on the task at hand and avoiding distractions.

How does Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 compare to other smart glasses?

There are other smart glasses with similar or different features as Google Glass. There are several of them:

Amazon Echo Frames let you use Alexa voice assistant, without using your hands. They include speakers and microphones that send audio to your ear, while making sure it’s quiet for others. They don’t have cameras or displays.

Focals made by North Focals by North are glasses that display notifications like directions, weather, and more. They display them on a holographic display. They have an ring control that allows you to navigate menus and allows you to control your voice. They work with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

Bose Frames: They glasses fitted with speakers which provide an impressive sound. They also have an integrated microphone to make calls and connecting with voice assistants.

They also include Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants.

There are a few differences and commonalities among these two items. along with Google Glass These are:

Google Glass includes a display and camera, which is unlike Amazon Echo Frames and Bose Frames. It is more flexible and suitable for various uses.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 only supports Google Assistant voice assistant, unlike Focals by North which supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s more compatible with Google’s products and service offerings.

Google Glass has a touchpad to allow you to navigate menus in contrast to Focals by North and Bose Frames which use buttons or ring controllers. This makes it simpler and more comfortable for some users.

Can you still buy Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

According to a statement released by Google Glass team on March 15, 2023, Google won’t be selling the Google Glass after 15 September 2023. Although the support to Google Glass will continue.

Why is Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 discontinued?

However, the smart glasses were terminated in 2015 when test versions failed to gain momentum due to their expensive price tag, awkward design, and privacy issues. Google then changed its focus from consumers to businesses.

Will there be a new Google Glass?

While Google no longer intends updates, third-party developers can continue to provide software updates for their Glass applications. Furthermore, until at least April 1, 2024, the most recent system images will be available through Google’s OTA update process and on the System images page.


What is Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

It is an innovative glass with a display, a camera, and a touchpad. It lets you use Google Assistant voice assistant hands-free.

How much does it cost?

It costs $999, but the price may vary depending on the reseller or the solution provider.

How can I buy it?

You can buy it from authorized resellers or solution providers that offer tailored enterprise solutions for your business needs. You can find a list of them on Google’s website.

What are the benefits of using it?

It can help you access information and tools hands-free and improve your work’s efficiency, quality, and safety.


Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a smart glass that allows users to access information and tools without hassle. It has cameras as well as a display and touchpad on the right. It also has speakers and microphones for use in conjunction with Google Assistant voice assistant.

It comes with a variety of features and advantages that make it efficient high-quality, durable and safe for your work. It also stands out in comparison to other smart glasses available on the market and comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re interested in trying Google Glass or leave your feedback regarding the experience head to Google’s official site or view this video. You can also post an open comment in the box below to let us know what you think about Google Glass. Thank you for taking the time to take the time