How To Add Google Ads In Astra WordPress Theme Please Answer?

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Today am going to explain you How to add Google ads in Astra WordPress theme. It is very easy and you can easily install Google AdSense aids in WordPress Astra theme or any other WordPress theme
If you want to monetize AdSense for your site or blog. I am going to tell to two simple stapes

  1.  You can Add code via theme editor 
  2. You can use Google site kit plugin 

Add code via theme editor

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Friends, you must know that where is the theme editor, you will find it in the WordPress dashboard? do not know? Never mind, let me tell you that these theme editors will be found. Mouse hover on appearance in side bar there you can find theme editor. 
Sidebar >> Appearance >> Theme Editor
Hope you got it. Still not found?

Here is snap shot for you now you can find it out 😉

  • header.php
  • theme-header.php
  • site-header

Select header of theme you will find header detail code in html editor box look like bellow snap shot. Now you can past your site verification code inside of head tag. 

Its to much complicated right? here is the easiest way of add code. 

Add code via Google Site kit Plugin

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Google people have made a very simple plugin to add AdSense code to WordPress. We also do this for WordPress so that we have to do zero coding. Right? When we get good plugins to do everything, then why do we code something?
Not only does the Google Site Kit plugin add AdSense, but with this you can add your site to the Google Search Console, you can add your site in Page Speed insight And Google Analyst. All things you can monitories in WordPress dashboard easily. Install Google site kit plugin and activate it.
Now you can found option in dashboard side bar as Google site kit >> AdSense. link your AdSense account by follow stapes. Once AdSense account link with WordPress site your verification code automatically add on your blog or website.
Hope you understand everything. if you have any doubt you can contact Us or comment us.

Now let me tell you how to add Google AdSense ad code to Astra theme and Any other themes

How to add Google AdSense add code in Astra theme

Friends, it is very easy to add AdSense advertisement in WordPress. If you are creating a website with Elementor, then it is even easier. You can use the custom html block to add Google ads. you can find this custom html element every where either not only in Elementor. You can found it in widget area, side bar, inside post and all pages. just select this block and past your AdSense ad code inside this block your ad will be live.

Hope you Understand Every thing 
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