How to get Adsense approval in 15 days?

Hello Friends, must have heard and read a lot for the approval app. If you do this, then you will do it. Am I right? Today, I will tell you what to do exceptionally for approval.

Previously, Google AdSense approve give all type of sites . Now there is a little bit of tension The reason you know is the lack of unique content in search engines. Google wants you to write unique articles.

Unique Articles or contain

AdSense approves such sites only. Sites that have unique content. Not meant to be copied from anywhere. This is because they want you to work a little bit if you want to earn money from AdSense. It has the advantage of both. If there is good content on your site then visitors will come to your site. Google will then get data for its search engine.

You have to write minimum 15 or 20 posts. Everything should be unique. Written by himself The length of an article should be minimum 400 then 1000 words. If you do this work, then it is enough. You will definitely get approval of AdSense if you want approval for your blog in 15 days. Whether or not Visitor is on your site, it doesn’t matter to Adsense. If the content is unique on your site, then you will definitely get the approval.

It is not that only blogs and article rallied sites get approval. If your site is not blog related, then you can still get approval. Your site should not just have adult content. Such as images, videos and text abusing. AdSense does not allow chatting sites.

adsense need good containt only that’s main point so work in this first. Do not think that there are many sites like mine, they are not getting approval. Work hard on your site.

Must add this Before Submit site For adsense aprovel

  1. Pilgrims check for your sites articals. Here you can do this Https://
  2. Privacy policy
  3. terms and condition
  4. About us
  5. Contact us

Remove this type of containt Before Submiting for aprovel

  1. Illegal content
  2. Intellectual property abuse
  3. Endangered or threatened species
  4. Dangerous or derogatory content
  5. Enabling dishonest behavior
  6. Misrepresentative content
  7. Malicious or unwanted software
  8. Sexually explicit content
  9. Mail order brides
  10. Adult themes in family content
  11. Child sexual abuse and exploitation

Just do this 200% your site will get approval in 2 weeks or even earlier.

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