How to make ecommerce website using WordPress?

Hello Friends, today we will learn how to create online shopping ecommerce store in WordPress.

Why WordPress ?

This question must have come to mind or not. Why create in WordPress Because of the ease with which you can create ecommerce, it is also secure. You can make it yourself and if you do not want to become it, then any developer will give it to you cheaply. Today, I will teach you how to make the entire site step by step, how you can open an ecommerce online store.


Domain Name purchase

First of all, you have to think about the good name of your shop and buy it. If you want to open a shop in India. So you buy “.in”. You can buy domain names from anywhere. You will search domain on Google, will try many sites in front of you. Like price range 500 to 1000 INR.

Hosting Purchase

You must know the meaning of hosting. DO you know? I will tell you In this you store your data and the coding of the site. Like images videos your product. To save all this, we have to buy a place. You can buy it from Godaddy, the monthly charge starts from 300. And you have an yearly charge in the domain.

After buying both these things you have to made connection in between hosting and domain.


DNS mean making connections to domains and hosting. Where you will buy hosting you will get the name DNS. and You will need to copy both of these to your domain’s server. Meaning you will get the option of DNS update from where you have purchased the domain.

Friends, these options are available in every site. And it is slightly different, you do not take tension. Domain and hosting help department will guide you live how to do it. If you feel more excited, then you buy the domain and hosting from the same place, you will not have to do anything. After this you have to install WordPress.

WordPress Installation

I have written a separate article of the WordPress installation for you. I will give you the link, you can learn the whole thing from it. By logging into your hosting, you will go to the cPanel and it will appear in your WordPress. All you have to do is click and fill the form and install it. Then login to your WordPress panel.

The WordPress login link is something like Friends, you can enter your login details and you can go to the WordPress dashboard. After this, you will do nothing in the hosting domain from the WordPress dashboard.

Ecommerce store setup

Theme Installation

Many of my themes are available in the market. I will suggest you Astra Theme you have good speed. Friends, if the loading speed of your site is good then only the customers will come. Now the customer will go away if the slow down opens. And loading will be slow so it also has an effect. So you have to click on the appraisal in the left bar then on the left.

Now a page will open in front of you, it will have the default WordPress theme 2 or 3. You have to find the theme by adding the ad and install it. Just your job. then you have to activate the Astra Theme in the theme and open the theme. You will see the Astra option in which you can import a demo. Just keep clicking and importing will be done easily. If you are not able to comment then we will convince you.

Theme edit update

Theme updating is very easy. on dashboard Customize option. You can write your logo, something about the site, they can write it, you can enter the title of the site, everything you can do with Live Preview. The setup editing of the sub page will be updated from that. Your Basic Ecommerce Store is ready.

Woocommerce setup & product listening

Wookmars setup is also very easy. Just follow the steps and setup will be done. Then you will see the product option in the site bar. Click on it, you will see some products with the theme. You can add your products by editing the products. Or you can also delete the old product and add new product.

Payment gatway setup

If you want to sell in India, you can open an account on a daily basis. You have to set up your bank details team by opening that account. You will get your own code. All that you have to do is set up with RosorPay Pulgin in Wookmars Payment Gateway. Your payment gateway will work.

Your online e-commerce has been junked. Just start marketing now and start selling the product. If you have not understood anything or you are stuck somewhere, then you can ask us by commenting. We will definitely help you.

Thank you for reading us.