HTML tutorial for beginners

Hello Friends, HTML is very easy and markup language.


Like a word is “master arts” . How do we write this in HTML that it should be highlighted separately. <i> Master Arts </i> So the tag will display the master arts in italic form to the user like this “Master Arts” . In this way, if we want to display the link, then we use the anchor tag in HTML <a href=””>Master Arts</a> Anchor tag display Master Arts in blue color . By default link color is blue in HTML.

Friends, you must have understood the meaning of this markup language.

Let us know about HTML Starter Templates. There is no need to go to more details. What we have to do is that you would not have come here to know the people of full form HTML. let’s start.

to create a static page of any project website application is at the top we use HTML right.

Head tag

<head> </head> tag. It is all about the site. Meta tags, site tags, Google tags, site titles, site icons. Will talk about them with Example in details.

Body tag

The body tag is followed by the head tag. This is the entire body of the site that shows the user. Whatever user we have to show. Everything is written inside the body tag.

Div tag

Div tags are followed by body tags. As the name suggests, the div tag divides the site body.

Horizontal ( rows )

Vertical ( columns )


Now what are you thinking? container is a bootstrap class. this is make website look dynamic. <div class=”container”></div>


rows divide site horizontally. you can make dynamic your site by using this.Today we can easily make this mobile friendly by bootstrap. All we have to do is import the bootstrap JS and CSS into the head and footer. Now you can add row class in div tag as mention bellow. <div class=”row”></div> That’s it.


No you can make Make columns according to your requirement. Just like if you want to do 4 equal parts, make four div in four rounds and make everyone col-3. <div class=”col-3″></div>

<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="col-3">
      One of three columns
    <div class="col-3">
      One of three columns
    <div class="col-3">
      One of three columns
    <div class="col-3">
      One of three columns
column 1column 2column 3column 4

Mostly used tags in HTML

Anchor tag

Anchor tag is for displaying links. Any link has to be displayed, the user uses it with the link name. <a></a>

Image Tag

This tag to be used for display images on site <img src=”path of image”> You can also give the size accordingly. Like this width = “200 px”.

Button tag

Friends, you must have seen this in every site at the time of login register. This tag is mostly used for submitting value in backend. <button class=”btn-warning”>Submit</button>. Btn warning Bootstrap class . This makes the button interactive. Something like that.

Input tag

The input tag is meant to be a form. Friends, you must have seen the box in the login page. In which you write the username and password, they are made with the input tag. <Input class=”form-control” placeholder=”Enter Username”> , Understand.

Friends have many more tags. And you will not have to do this much. And there is no need to teach all this. Everything is advanced now.

Friends, if you have any doubts. and if you need any help from us. you can write us at comment section.

Happy coding.

Thank you.