Is it compulsory to know basic computer knowledge for learning web development course please answer?

Hello friends welcome to master Arts Questions.

Friends, there is no need to learn or have any separate computer basic knowledge to teach web development. If you want to learn anything, then only your passion and eagerness should be there for it. It is also not necessary that you will join big firms and firms, only then you can teach. A Hindi Movie Dialogue is Remember “jo ki baba randchod das ne yani amir khan ne 3 ideots me kaha tha Beta kamyab ban kamiyabi ke piche mat bhag”. Something like this.

If you want to learn web development, do not learn basic computer firstly. First you have to learn Html and Css. This is very easy and it happens in every language. If you want to make any website, these two things only need. If basic computer knowledge is spoken, what will be done, copy paste, software installation, you must know all this?

Then what is there to worry about. Start learning webdeveloping. You can learn this from anywhere. We also have course in Hindi. You can also learn from our website and you can also learn from YouTube and you can also take paid online courses.

And tell about a website where you can do Sikh with live code test. Which is named and W3school. Must have heard the name’ its cool. Here all the developing languages ​​are there for learning. And teaches in a very easy way.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing, you will not be able to learn anything from theory only. You have to do perfection only then this thing will enter your mind. Do not know what will happen then? Theory will pass from one particle to another. I have not done any course which I have learned online. I used to think before also. Took office Watched the video. I learned everything. Do many such video tutorials and online courses. Did not perform a single test. And when sitting for hours, he did not remember anything. So friends, learn as much as you can, you will understand well. This web programming makes winning hard. It’s so easy.

Learning stap

  1. Html and css
  2. backend PHP
  3. Database management

Learn from this three stop, then go to big languages. After that all languages ​​will be easy.

And if you are still confused, then you can ask me by commenting, I will definitely guide you, that too for free. So guys, best of luck and happy coding.