Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

About the App

Lockwatch is a clever little app that secretly takes a photo using the front camera when someone enters an incorrect unlock code on your phone. It then emails you a picture of the intruder along with their GPS location, without them knowing.

The app has helped recover many lost and stolen phones, and has been featured in several TV and online news stories. Lockwatch uses Android’s built-in lock screen and has a small app size, running only when an incorrect unlock code is entered.

The lock app is just a mobile application that has been designed for Android users and iOS users which can help you to get an image of any thief that might have stolen your phone in any way. 

Basic Features of the App

  • It helps to track your phone by getting the victim that stole your phone picture or image secretly. 
  • You will be notified through the email address that you used to sign up for this app. 
  • The location where your phone is or where the thief handles the phone and tries to unlock it will be sent to you directly to your personal email. 
  • Lock watch I also have some latest Premier features which are the ability to attach multiple photo and audio clips through the email that you notified on. 
  • Look what APK is also capable of letting you know if a new SIM card is inserted on the phone and when it’s been turned on. 
  • Can be used to track any phone through the GPS notification gotten from the notified email. 
  • It uses phone formation so as to implement these features on your device. 
  • After a long password has been entered more than a full-time love watch will send in a notification or email so as to be alert. 

You should get to see more features on this application once you download it and start making use of it yourself for we will also show you how you can implement the settings on your devices so as to make the app lock watch work correctly on your device. 

App NameLockWatch
Other NameThief Catcher
Version 7.1.1
Downloads5M +
UpdateLatest 2023

Lockwatch Premium offers additional features, such as the ability to attach multiple photos and audio clips to the email, email notifications when a new SIM card is inserted or the phone is turned on, and removal of all advertisements from the app.

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