Network Performance can be Tested, Measured and Shared Wherever You Are

In our country today, there are numerous network connections available. Upgrading to 5G network speed has occurred. The likelihood of network connection jamming and connection disconnection is great because so many people use it worldwide. And despite the arrival of the monsoon, these network issues are serious. NetVelocity is a remedy for such issues.

About this app

NetVelocity is a multipurpose mobile application that enables users to test, measure, compare and share their network performance – anytime, anywhere. Advanced unified mobile applications like NetVelocity enable mobile device users and operators to monitor, analyse, and upgrade networks while collecting information in almost real-time.

Features of this App

  • Active Test
  • Customer Care Support
  • Passive Monitoring
  • YouTube Analyzer
  • IP Tools and Web Performance Test
  • Wi-Fi Analyser
  • Layer 3 Support
  • ChatBot
  • Drive Capability – Ad-hoc and Work Order Based Drives
  • Single Site Verification Test
  • In-building Test
  • Multi-technology Support
  • Device Management
  • Post Processing Engine
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Feedback

App Benefits

  • On-the-ground Coverage Performance: Gives unparalleled value, efficiency, and scalability in network optimization by facilitating operators to detect network issues from the grass-root level. This assists in conducting monitoring and drive analytics.
  • Network Data Auto Synchronization: Provides a holistic overview of network performance by passively monitoring and capturing Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and 2G network parameters, location, and network type, like device state even when the application is in the background.
  • One Touch Testing: NetVelocity is a user-friendly application that enables users in finding their network performance with single tap functionality. It offers the maximum convenience for speed testing and understanding the overall network health.
  • Personalized Customer Service: ChatBot allows operators to provide personalized service to each user in answering network related questions and telecom services using machine learning.
  • One-Stop Tool Box: Leverages user data which is collected through various network and background tests to gain 360 degree insight into customer’s network experience, facilitating operators to analyze and visualize this data on web server.
  • Rapid Troubleshooting: Customers can share their experience in seconds with their respective network operators. The communication service provider can identify the faults, take necessary actions, and provide a solution quickly.