Offers Free Horoscope in Malayalam

A horoscope is a summary of a person’s basic astrological data. The horoscope of a person is created by calculating the planets’ positions at the time of birth. Indian astrology holds that every living creature on earth is influenced by the planets, moons, and asteroids. Each person’s horoscope will be unique since the planets’ positions will vary depending on the time of birth. It is necessary to know a person’s date of birth, time of birth, time zone, and place of birth in order to determine their horoscope.

About the App

Horoscope in Malayalam: Malayalam Jathakam – Clickastro’s new mobile app, offering Free Horoscope in Malayalam! Install the app on your mobile to generate personalized Malayalam Jathakam, daily panchangam and marriage matching reports. The application can work offline to provide you with valuable horoscope predictions and remedies. It is an exclusive app for those who seek astrology guidelines for their future and daily lives.

Features of the App

  • Birth chart or graha nila showing the 12 Rashis and graha stithi in each rasi
  • Vimsottari Dasha
  • Antardashas or bhukties
  • Mahadashas and it effect on native
  • Paryantra dasha Timings
  • Varga charts
  • Kuja dosha analysis
  • Various Yogam & remedies

The most crucial piece of information in jyothisham, or astrology, is called the jathakam because it enables astrologers to comprehend and describe the many experiences that a person has during his lifetime. The calculations used in this computer-based Malayalam jathakam report are based on the Kerala system of astrology.

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