Pause it, Status Saver & Tools App

Pause It is the first app that lets you leave whatsapp without internet connectivity where all other apps of your device work the same with the internet. With “Pause It” you can turn off whatsapp whenever you feel Whatsapp messages are disturbing too much and you don’t even need to turn wifi/mobile data off.

Important: Make sure Whatsapp is not running in the background. Download Now

We are just taking Whatsapp out from the internet so you don’t need to turn off wifi/mobile data.
suppose a gamer wants to play a tournament and want to turn of all other apps ,then the game can select all other apps and put them to pause. so only the app which is not selected will have internet so gaming can be even more fun.
Yes, it’s possible with Pause It now.
Pause It – The Ultimate WAtoolkit and Status Saver App!

>You can watch your favorite videos on youtube without Whatsapp messages disturbing you as Whatsapp is having no internet connection.

>You can listen to music, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Watch movies, etc. and you will have complete enjoyment of your choice without Whatsapp distraction.

>Having a date with your loved one, with family or at office meeting where you need internet but no Whatsapp messages so just use Pause It. And Whatsapp will not cause you any more irritation to you.

Pause It is the perfect app that lets you take control of your Whatsapp usage like never before.

But that’s not all – our app comes loaded with additional features that make it an essential part of your WAtoolkit. Our Status Saver lets you download and save any status video or image from your friends or family, while our Deleted Message feature lets you view messages that were deleted by the sender.

Parental usage:The app also serves as a parental control tool, empowering parents to temporarily disable specific apps of their child’s device to ensure focused and controlled usage.

Features of the app of our WAbox

Deleted Message: View deleted messages when the sender deletes them for everyone.

Meeting Mode (Gaming mode): Want to turn off a particular app(s) for a specific time duration then you just need to select the app and set the time duration. That’s it. The selected app will not have data/internet connection until the duration ends. Isn’t it magical? Gamers will love this while playing high-intensity games where all other apps data can be turned off, only a particular game will have internet/data. Only gaming. No disturbance.

Status Saver: Want to save status of friends or family? Just view the status and come back to the app to save it to the gallery. You can save, delete, repost/share, and Repost without Saving. This feature has a built-in Image Viewer & Video Player. So what are you waiting for?

Message Unsaved: If you are in a situation where you need to send a WhatsApp message to someone who is not in your contact list then you can use the feature “Message unsaved”. just type the number and you are ready to go.

It is a complete WAbox.

How app works with VPN: When “Pause it” mode is enabled, the app sets up a VPN connection, directing data for the selected app through it. Yet, for selected apps on pause, the data encounters a dormant state as it lacks a destination beyond the VPN.Hence,the data goes no where and its never monitored.