Hello everyone, we introduce famous you tuber Vivek Gupta in Uttar Pradesh. He is famous you tuber in Uttar Pradesh and all over in India. His channel name is “fastoye”. He upload everyday one video on his channel and it very useful. He is one amid the beatling social media influencer in Tamil YouTube forum. He upload everyday very informative videos in his channel.

Fastoye is run by Vivek Gupta has uploaded over a 1000 videos on youtube since 2016 with more than 100 million views on his videos. He has created an amazing playlist of his content. He creates content which gives viewers pros and cons for most products in the market. He also covers apps and latest tech based news. This makes Fastoye the ultimate Tech YouTube channel.

Vivek gupta influencer in India are people who have authentic expertise and practical user based knowledge on various tech-related products which helps them gain more audience because of his in-depth knowledge and the interesting content and videos. A lot also depends on how well the influencer engages and connects with his audiences because the engagement rate is a big deciding factor when brands contact influencer vivek gupta for their promotional campaigns.