AI Video Editor – Our 5 Recommended Tools

1. Descript – AI Video Editor

Descript is an excellent application for generating movies and podcasts, with several features and customization possibilities. Descript is a crucial tool for anyone wishing to improve their video production process, thanks to its comprehensive capabilities and user-friendly UI.

Descript - top 5 ai video editor

Descript Key Features

  • AI-Powered Transcription: Descript’s powerful AI technology transcribes your audio and video information automatically, transforming it to editable text.
  • Multitrack Editing: Descript enables multitrack editing, allowing you to work with many audio and video tracks at the same time.
  • Overdub: Overdub is one of the most amazing Descript AI functions. It allows you to add words to your transcript that are then recorded.
  • Green Screen: With Descript’s AI backdrop elimination, you can put your movie in whatever setting you choose.
  • Color control: Control colour by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, temperature, white balance, and skin tone.
  • Visual effects: Blur, pixelate, film grain, and chroma key are all visual effects.
  • More transitions and animations: Storyboard now offers 12 additional transition types as well as a more user-friendly interface for animating attributes.
  • Write mode: In Descript, use Overdub to write your script, building out visuals as you go. Then select one of their ultra-realistic text-to-speech voices or replace it with a recording of your own.


  • Descript provides a free basic version with limited functionality.
  • The Creator plan costs between $12 and $15 per month per editor and includes limitless projects, screen recording, and 10 hours of transcribing per month.
  • The Pro plan costs between $24 and $30 a month per editor and includes everything in the Creator plan as well as 30 hours of transcription per month.
  • Enterprises can request a unique pricing plan from Descript. Pricing plans differ depending on the number of user teams and features available.


2. – AI Video Editor

Glenn’s software provides an easy-to-use video editing experience, including features like auto-removal of bad takes, export options, and subscription-based pricing. The AI-based editing features of the software make it a helpful tool for individuals wishing to enhance their video editing skills. - top 5 ai video editor Key Features

  • Automatic editing: Detects and removes silences, faulty takes, and disfluencies using machine learning methods.
  • Quick outcomes: Editing can be completed in a matter of minutes, with export options for XML timelines or MP4 files.
  • Prices are reasonable: Provides a free initial video edit and charges $5 for each additional edit. Overall, Gling provides an easy-to-use, time-saving option for video editing that does not sacrifice quality.

Pricing offers a free first video edit and a $5 charge for each subsequent edit.


3. Adobe podcast – AI Video Editor

This application is fantastic for assisting you in creating better videos, as audio is the most crucial component of your video. This audio improvement tool will assist you in having good audio and fixing any bad audio if you were unable to capture great audio during the recording process.

Adobe podcast - top 5 ai video editor

Adobe Podcast Key Features

  • AI-powered audio: Enhance Speech improves clarity by reducing background noise and sharpening the frequencies of your speech. It gives the impression that everything was recorded in a professional studio.
  • Remote recording: Sharing a link to record with others is as simple as it gets. Everyone’s audio is captured in high quality locally, and Adobe Podcast automatically syncs it back together in the cloud.
  • Words, not waveforms, should be edited: Adobe Podcast, which is powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology, allows you to easily edit audio using a transcript.
  • Templates for Projects: Begin with a template to speed up your workflow, or develop and share one with others. Overall, Adobe Podcast is a simple, time-saving solution for audio editing that does not sacrifice quality.


Adobe Podcast AI is currently only available to close beta test participants, which is why you must create an account (or log into an existing Adobe ID login) and fill out a form to have access to this service.

The application procedure takes roughly 7 business days, during which time the developers decide whether or not you will be granted early access to this program.

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4. Opus Clip – AI Video Editor

Opus Clip is a fantastic artificial intelligence application that allows users to repurpose long form movies, obtain virality rankings, and modify their clips. Users can use its comprehensive features to create high-quality videos that are simple to upload and share.

Opus Clip - top 5 ai video editor

Opus Clip Key Features

  • Viral Short Videos: Opus Clip generates ten high-quality shorts from a long video using auto jump-cuts, re-arrangement, hook insertion, value bombs, and filler elimination.
  • Video Analysis: Opus Clip analyses video content in respect to the newest social and marketing trends, and selects the most interesting moments of the video to rearrange into a Viral-worthy clip.
  • Social and marketing trends: Opus Clip is designed to keep up with the latest social and marketing trends in order to help you create relevant and compelling content.
  • Curation of Content: Opus Clip assists you in curating your content by recognising enticing hooks, pulling juicy highlights, and creating unified content.
  • Repurposing: Opus Clip lets you repurpose large movies into short, viral-worthy snippets complete with captions and transitions.
  • Hooks: Opus Clip detects enticing hooks in your video content to assist you in creating interesting short videos.
  • CTAs: Opus Clip incorporates a strong call-to-action into your short movies to help you drive engagement and conversions.
  • Value Bombs: Opus Clip pulls value bombs from long videos to let you make short videos that are jam-packed with useful information.


  • Opus Clip is an AI-powered video repurposing tool that is currently offering a limited time deal in which you can upload up to 120 minutes of video (with up to 30 downloadable clips) for free.
  • They provide premium subscription options with variable upload credits that are offered on a monthly and yearly basis.
  • The Essential plan is designed for creators and costs $13 USD per month when invoiced annually, with a total of 2400 upload minutes (roughly 600 HD clips).
  • After your free Essential trial expires, they also offer a Free Forever subscription, which gives 60 minutes of free upload minutes per month.
  • In September, a Pro package for professional creators, editors, agencies, and content marketers will be available.

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5. CapCut – AI Video Editor

Cap Cut is a robust video editing programme for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with a plethora of features and AI capabilities. It’s a great option for adding captions to videos and substituting voiceovers with AI voices. Users can personalise their text and voice, as well as construct text-to-speech chats, with this feature.

Cap Cut - top 5 ai video editor

CapCut Key Features

  • Basic video editing: Trim and shorten clips, divide or merge videos, alter video speed, animate video clips, highlight the greatest moments using the freeze tool, and experiment with transition effects on and between clips.
  • Advanced video editor: Keyframe video animation, smooth slow-motion using the optical flow function and speed curve tool, chroma key to eliminate specific colours from videos, easy to arrange and preview clips on a multi-track timeline, and a stabilising feature to keep video material steady.
  • Intelligent features: Intelligent features include auto captions for speech recognition and subtitles in movies, text-to-speech in many languages and voices, and backdrop elimination, which removes background automatically and for free.
  • Text & Stickers: Add text to films in a variety of fonts and styles, and select from a variety of text themes. Local fonts can be imported. Subtitles can be added to the timeline of video tracks, relocated, and changed all at once.
  • Trending Effects and Filters: Match video footage with a variety of filters that are updated weekly with the most recent trends. Edit movies with hundreds of popular effects like as Glitch, Blur, 3D, and more. Use movie-style video filters or freely modify video brightness, contrast, and other parameters.
  • Music & Sound Effects: Enhance videos with millions of music clips and sound effects. Video audio, snippets, and recordings can be extracted.


CapCut is a free app that you can use at no cost. However, the programme contains optional purchases ranging in price from 0.99 euros to 89.99 euros.

The main benefit of CapCut is that it is free, and all editing features are available for both Android and iOS.

If you want more features, you can upgrade to the Pro edition for $7.99 per month. A one-month subscription is also available for $9.99, as is a yearly subscription.

These were the top 5 ai video editor that can enhance your videos.