An App that Allows Parents to Control their Children’s Phone Usage

Google Family Link is a parental controls app that helps you keep your family safer online. We know that every family’s relationship with technology is unique, so we’ve designed tools like Family Link that give you the flexibility to choose the right balance for your family and help them create healthy digital habits. Family Link’s easy-to-use tools allow you to understand how your child is spending time on their device, see their device location, manage privacy settings and more.

About the App

Google Family Link, which is part of Google’s attempt to help parents to provide a safer environment for their child, is a great start. Developed by Google, the Family Link app has powerful parental control features. It will let you establish digital rules to manage screen time and protect your kids from the dangers of the online world. Keep on reading to learn more what is Google Family Link and how it can help you keep your kids safe online.

Just before your child turns 13, you’ll receive an email letting you know they will be able to take over control of their account on their birthday. Your child can choose whether to take over their account or continue to have you manage it.

Features of the App

This app has the usual parental controls that allow you to track your child’s activity, set usage time limits and restrict content.  But one of the cooler features is the option to use Google Assistant voice commands to lock your child’s device remotely. Just say, ‘Hey, Google. Lock Jimmy’s phone,’ to bring their Fortnite quest to a halt.

  • By installing the free Google Family Link apps, parents can effectively control access on each of their child’s Android devices.
  • Parental controls only apply to Google accounts belonging to users < 13 years in Australia.
  • Parents can run Family Link on iPhones to manage their child’s Android devices.

How To Install

Install the Google Family Link for children & teens app on the devices you want to supervise, as well as the Family Link app on your device:

  1. In the Family Link app, select the Google account you want to associate as the ‘Parent’ account
  2. Tap Add to add a child account
  3. It will ask if your child has a Google account. If they do, tap ‘Yes’ and input the account details. If they don’t, create one in the Family Link app by tapping ‘No’, then following the on-screen instructions
  4. After you’ve added your child’s account, you’ll receive a nine-digit code for linking their device
  5. On your child’s device, open the Google Family Link for children & teens app and follow the on-screen instructions, entering the nine-digit code when prompted and wait for the devices to link.

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