M Parivahan can be Used to Know and Solve All Vehicle Related Matters

Over 1300 Road Transport Offices (RTOs) across the nation have been made computerised thanks to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH). Subject to specific restrictions and approvals, RTOs issue Registration Certificates (R.C.) and Driving Licences (D.L. ), which are essential requirements and recognised nationwide. The Central Government has announced that it is no longer necessary to keep a driver’s licence or car registration certificate on hand in compliance with the Motor car Act, 1989, revisions. Instead, users simply need to store them in the M-Parivahan smartphone app. The process is really simple. With the following procedure, you may complete this in under five minutes.

Following are the steps :

  1. Download mParivahan app on mobile from google playstore. ‘Open’ can be seen on the green button.
  2. As soon as the app is started, a notification for downloading Covid and Arogya Setu appears, followed by one saying that traffic logs that are scheduled to expire in February will still be valid until December. Emparivahan will show up if these two are closed.
  3. RC and DL can be seen at upper left. In blue and white characters, the active menu is displayed. Type the car number and enter the RC number to retrieve details. There should be no spaces between the letters and numerals when writing. Then select the search icon that is located to the right of it. Our vehicle’s specifics will be shown. To add a virtual RC to your dashboard, click the icon below.
  4. You will now be prompted to log in. You can enter the mobile number in the field on the following screen. For those who just registered, this is for you. To sign up, click the link below. Now type the digits. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the tiny square below. Submit. An OTP will now show up. Hit it. OTP messages can also be copied and pasted. Enter the name accurately in the name field located above the cellphone number on the following screen. Sign Up
  5. We will now return to the login screen. The first automobile we hit’s number and our names are listed below. Click the adjacent right arrow. Click the Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC button on the following screen. The chassis number of our car will be displayed on the following screen, without the final four numbers or letters. Take a look at the four RCs and correctly fill them out. Including the engine number, too. Verify. Our online RC is prepared.
  6. Let’s go on to the first screen now. The DL button will change to a blue and white letter when you click it. Then enter the diving licence number where it says “Enter DL number to get details” on the right side. Ex: 87/1234/1961. Click the search icon. You will now be prompted to verify your birthdate. Tap Yes. Enter the accurate birthdate as it appears on the licence on the following screen.

The Virtual RC and Virtual Diving Licence can be found by selecting the Dashboard button up top. When you click on them, the QR code will appear. Simply screenshot it and stick it to the car’s window. The police officer doing the inspection can scan it and take the data.

Any number of vehicles registered in one’s own name or for one’s own use can be added to the Emparivahan mobile app. In order to show the car in his wife’s name while he drives it, a virtual RC can be attached to the husband’s smartphone.
It is also possible to add the same car and licence information to different mobile devices.


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