To Use the Same App Two on One Phone

Everybody has more than two SIM cards today. These days, having two SIM cards is almost a requirement. because one is intended for personal use while the other is intended for business usage. A SIM card for business use is only active during business hours. A personal SIM card is also available around-the-clock. In this case, two SIM cards are required for personal and professional use.

Similarly, a WhatsApp account is increasingly necessary for both personal and professional use. We have two separate mobile devices with WhatsApp accounts. It is somewhat challenging to use. It is impossible to carry two smartphones at once. However, the same phone does not have access to this feature. On the other hand, two applications of the same type cannot be loaded on the same mobile device in accordance with Android regulations.

About the App

Try to launch many of the same apps simultaneously. Run two or more accounts. On the same device, sign in to several instances of your favourite social and gaming apps. With just one tap, switch between numerous accounts!
14 languages are supported by Parallel App, which has over 40 million active users. We assist users in setting up numerous accounts within the same application so they can operate multiple accounts at once and transition between them safely.

  • Simultaneously Login to Multiple Account
  • Compatible with your Favourite App
  • Highly Secure
  • Free to Use

Permissions: Parallel App requires the same permissions that all major apps use. Permissions granted to Parallel App will never be shared or used for any other purpose.

Data Privacy: We collect personal information from our users in order to provide a personalized, useful, and efficient experience. Personal data is stored safely and securely, and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

Resources: Parallel App does not use any additional device memory, battery, or data to run the app.

Notifications: Add Parallel App to your device’s system notification whitelist.

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