May I know your website development cost?

Hello Brothers, how’s you today? I hope everything is well and Good. Today we talk about all type of web development costs.

Development cost depends on the type of website. Such as e-commerce, business web, static website, high functionalities website etc. If you want to earn money by opening an online store. So you should invest a lot. Because the more you invest, the more you earn. If you are thinking that I put a little money to open an online store and start getting money, it will not happen. By the way, a website is also made for less money. But if you want to earn money from that website, then you have to give time and money.

Where to get the website cheaply?

Friends, this question must have been roaming in my mind, so let me tell you that it can be made or in which cheap websites. WordPress is the best option for creating or building inexpensive websites. If you want to create a website for your business, then you should create it from here. Do not waste any extra money. You can create a static website easily or create it from someone else. Your website will be created within about 5000 Rupees. And if you are thinking about e-commerce then it too will be made here in about 10,000 rupees. You can also make your own. If you do not know, then you can learn from here.

Dynamic full functionalities websites cost

Dynamic website B coding starts with a minimum cost of 10,000 rupees and goes up to millions. If you build a static website with coding, then you will have to pay 10000 rupees.

  1. static website – 10k minimum
  2. e-commerce – 20 to 50k single wander
  3. e-commerce – 50 to 75k multiple wander
  4. social media web – up to 1 lac
  5. normal chat website – 20 to 30k
  6. blog website – 20k
  7. forum – up to 50k

Now you must be wondering why the cost of website is so high. So coding friends is not an easy task. It takes hours for a developer to create a function. What I told you above is the minimum. The price to build a website goes into millions. A single developer would not even be able to create a site like a big Amazon.

If you are planning to build your website. So you can contact us. Because without knowing your requirement, we cannot know the price. You send us your requirement. We will tell you the best and the price according to your budget. Which no web development company will give you.

thank you