Want to be a web developer?

Hi Friends, the future is very good in development. Going forward, all the work is going to be done online. If you learn development, you will get a lot of work in the future and there is still a lot of scope in this line.

But friends, there will be a lot of Confucians in it. Many Questions came to mind. Like where do I start? What should be learned first? Etcetera. Let me tell you about it in details today.

If you want to come in this field, then it is very important to know about it. Like what you see in the beginning. If you learn step by step then you will find it very easy.


First of all you should learn to create a static website in HTML. Along with this, you should learn CSS. You can easily create a static website with html and CSS. This is also the easiest. You should learn this well.

HTML and CSS show your users only when a website is open then these two things show everything to the user. Like color, fonts, buttons, link, images, videos etc.. Everything that the user shows after opening the site. If the user comes to your site only then do not know that he will find the site beautiful and attractive.

HTML was the body of the website and mobile application. You learned this, you became a basic developer.

So friends, you should start with HTML and CSS, then you should learn it and then learn a simple backend language identification and skill database.

Basic startup course for HTML and MySQL


Learn only after learning from friends, PHP and database HTML and CSS. Because if you learn it first then you will not understand anything. PHP is very simple and easy backend. You will need it only then. When you have to take some input from the user and add it to the database or show any data from the database.

Hope you must be in the society, after this you can learn all the languages ​​one by one. The feet just don’t do the theory. OK learned by practicing. If you have Any question you can write us.

Happy codding

Thank you