Secure Personal Chats, Photos and Apps from Others

When other people use our phones, we frequently become anxious. Because some of our apps might have an impact on privacy. Whether others can view our private discussions and images is the issue.
However, we can secure all of our different apps with this app using a fingerprint, pad, pattern, etc.

About the App

With App Locker, You Can:

  • Lock all app
  • Hide photos and videos
  • Use multiple lock types
  • Intruder selfie

Why Need App Locker:

  • No more worrying about others checking your social media apps, messages, calls, etc.
  • Keep your friends from snooping around when they borrow your phone.
  • Prevent kids from sending wrong messages, messing up system settings, and paying  for games.
  • Never worry about people reading your private data.

More Features of App Locker : 

  • Lock new apps
  • Lock apps in real time
  • Customize the re-lock time
  • Advanced protection
  • Reset password
  • Easy to operate

About Permissions
Features coming soon

App lock fingerprint : Why not try the app lock fingerprint? The app lock fingerprint will bring you an excellent experience.
App lock pattern : We developed an efficient app lock pattern. What’s more, our app lock is totally free for users.
App Locker : This is a small app locker. You can find out who’s trying to unlock your apps.
Lock apps
Lock apps with password : The function that you can lock apps with password.
WhatsApp lock : Try the WhatsApp lock with your fingerprint.
Fingerprint lock
App lock pro : can lock application fast.
App locker with password :

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