To Know Tourist Places in Kerala and its Details

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t enjoy taking excursions, but a lot of individuals prefer to see natural environments. In order to find such places, we rely on Google. However, wouldn’t it be simple if we could quickly find out about Kerala’s 14 tourism districts, their tourist attractions, and their extensive information? The app created for that is called Kerala (God’s Own Country).

Every year, thousands of tourists visit us. Even if they had wonderful experiences in our state, some of them do wish they had known in advance about the main tourist destinations and lodging options so they could have arranged their vacations accordingly. This is the first venture of its type, Visit Kerala. Most of the time, arranging a trip takes longer than the actual journey. This barrier is removed by the software, which makes researching and organising a vacation to “God’s own country” enjoyable.

About the App

  • 175 Tourist places in Kerala with details and Photos : This app provides detailed information on all Kerala tourist destinations and their images.
  • 4 Airports : There are four airports in Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Kannur and Kochi
  • 59 Railway Stations in Kerala and online Tickets and Enquiry : Kerala is home to 59 rail stations. Today, Kerala has a system for purchasing train tickets online as well. Railways thus have a significant role in tourism.
  • 247 Mosques in Kerala
  • 254 Temples in Kerala
  • 269 Churches in Kerala

This app lists the picturesque tourist attractions in each of Kerala’s 14 districts along with pictures of the locations. For outside visitors who are tourists, this is really beneficial.

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