Do You Have the Problem of Phone Memory Filling Up with Duplicate Photos?

These days, managing the storage on a smartphone is pretty challenging. The phone will include a lot of pictures that are identical. In addition, there will be fuzzy images. As a result, the phone’s storage begins to swiftly fill up. The phone used to keep many images or blurry photos, but since storage is so scarce, it no longer does. Each video and image can be downloaded in huge MB sizes.

Duplicate photos are frequently kept on our phone. Then, when this number rises, it becomes challenging to store images on a phone and delete them. However, you may correctly manage your storage by eliminating duplicate images and movies.

About the App

An software called Remo Duplicate photographs Remover makes it easy to discover all duplicate photographs on your iPhone and Android device, erase them, and free up storage. The length of time it takes for the initial scan will depend on how many images are on your phone.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover will display the findings after scanning. Simply mark the pictures you want to get rid of, then carry on with the process. It is really easy to accomplish this.

How to Check and Remove Duplicate Photos

  1. Download and install the software on your device.
  2. Run the application and click on Select Location and Start Scan button from the home screen
  3. Then choose the locations from which to scan like Desktop, Pictures etc. By default, the software will search images for Exact match, in case you need to remove even the pics that are similar then select “Scan for Similar Photos” option and hit “Start Scan” tab
  4. The software then starts scanning for the duplicate Images and displays duplicate photos in different Sets
  5. Choose the Sets you want to remove or you can filter the ones you don`t need from the Sets and click on “Finish” button
  6. That’s all, you have now deleted and freed up your drive memory