WeAre8: A Social Platform for All The Greta Thunbergs Out There

What is WeAre8 app?

WeAre8 is a social media app that enables users to make a large difference in the world by performing tiny daily deeds. Users can connect with friends, share photos and videos, and follow creatives who are changing the game. Users can also win incentives for watching videos that promote social and environmental concerns.


WeAre8 is a social media app that allows users to impact the world through small daily actions significantly. Some of the key features of the WeAre8 app include:

  • Connect with friends: Stay connected with your squad on your private feed without annoying ads or algorithms, so you never miss a moment.
  • Follow inspiring creators: Follow artists, musicians, athletes, and global change makers.
  • Earn rewards: You can earn rewards for watching videos that support social and environmental causes.
  • Zero tolerance for hate: WeAre8 has zero tolerance for hate and is all about spreading love.
  • Save the planet: Invest your time in the world’s only B-Corp-certified social app that’s all about the love for people and the earth.

How Can I Earn From WeAre8 app?


You can earn rewards on the WeAre8 app by watching videos that support social and environmental causes. The app allows you to earn money for watching sponsored content from brands that align with your values. You can then choose to keep the money or donate it to a cause of your choice.

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WeAre8 App Review

WeAre8 is a platform that allows influencers to be sponsored by brands and earn money. Users report that the pay rate is not very high, but most people think it’s worth it.

The app has technical faults, and users complain about the lack of sponsorships and excessive payment wait times. Some users enjoy watching the ads and appreciate the charitable aspect of the app.

WeAre8 is a legit app that can help you make money, but it’s not recommended to rely on it for your total monthly earnings. Some users report technical glitches and difficulty in earning money.

How do I download WeAre8 app?

You can get the WeAre8 app for your phone or tablet. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. To get the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for “WeAre8,” and follow the instructions to download and install the app on your smartphone.

Download For IOS
Download For Android


What is the WeAre8 app?

The WeAre8 app is all about making a BIG difference in the world by performing little daily activities! Connect with your tribe, share photos and videos, and discover amazing creators who are changing the game. You can also earn points for watching videos that promote social and environmental causes.

How much money can you earn on WeAre8?

According to WeAre8, you can earn between 6p and 25p every video. However, it can take up to 30 days for the money to appear in your wallet, and there is a limit to the number of advertisements you can watch.

Is WeAre8 legit?

WeAre8 is a positive social media platform that pays people to view advertisements. WeAre8 is legitimate, with many favourable video clips and a minimal minimum payout barrier. You can also use the site to communicate with your pals. The disadvantage is that watching advertisements does not pay well.

Who is the founder of WeAre8?

Sue Fennessy. Sue has spent 30 years creating disruptive businesses in the media and tech economies. She is committed to bringing a positive social media experience to hundreds of millions of people