You Can Learn Math, Writing and Reading Through Games if You have this App

Reading and writing abilities in kids an app created by Khan Academy to help with maths and spelling preparation. This app has won awards. Avoid paying money to use this software. No intrusive advertisements. It is totally unrestricted. Both playing games and reading books can help you improve these skills.

About the App

It encompasses all educational modalities for kids between the ages of 2 and 8. Empowers young learners via the development of critical maths, reading, writing, and other abilities. Childhood will result in a wonderful adventure experts in education carefully crafted the award-winning app. For preschool through second grade, it offers countless lessons, exercises, stories, and age-appropriate games. It offers numerous strategies for fostering children’s meditative singing talents through catchy tunes and yoga videos.

The app is ideal for education at home or in a classroom. Parents have the option of selecting lessons for their children from the app’s lesson collection or using the personalised learning route, which automatically adapts to each child’s level. Through a variety of teaching tools, teachers may quickly and simply discover lessons by standard, create assignments, and track student progress.

  • All- New Original Books
  • Award-Winning Content
  • Robust-Curriculum
  • Personalized Learning Experience
  • Joyful Learning
  • Emotional and Physical Development
  • Created by a team of Expert

About Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids

The goal of Khan Academy, a 501 non-profit, is to offer free, top-quality education to everyone, everywhere. Experts in early learning who have built 22 other best-selling products and won 22 Parents’ Choice Awards, 19 Children’s Technology Review Awards, and a KAPi award for Best Children’s App at the International Consumer Electronics Show are the ones who created Khan Academy Kids. Without advertisements or subscriptions, Khan Academy Kids is completely free.

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